2018 Panini USA Stars & Stripes Baseball 03/14/2018(三)

2018 MLB Topps Opening Day 03/14/2018(三)

2017-18 NBA Panini Select 03/09/2018(五)

2018 Panini Donruss Baseball 03/07/2018(三)

2018 NFL Panini Contenders Optic 03/07/2018(三)

2018 MLB Topps Heritage 02/28/2018(三)

2017-18 NHL UD Synergy 02/28/2018(三)

2017 Topps UFC Museum 02/28/2018(三)

2017-18 NBA Panini Prestige 02/27/2018(二)

2018 JH The Luxury Edition 奢華版 明日花、市川、白石茉莉奈、三上悠亞 02/24(六)(抽獎)

2017-18 NBA Panini Contenders 02/22/2018(四)

2018 BBM Rookie Edition 02/22/2018(四)

CJ vol.36 「Kaname Ohtori 凰香奈芽」 02/22(四)(抽獎)

2017 NFL Panini Select 02/16/2018(五)

2018 BBM Shohei Ohtani大谷翔平-Grateful Days 02/14/2018(三)

2018 Topps Star Wars 星際大戰黑&白:曙光乍現 02/14/2018(三)

2018 Topps Premier League Gold 02/13/2018(二)

2018 Epoch 阪神虎OB系列光榮的戰士 02/10/2018(六)

2017-18 NBA Panini Status 01/31/2018(三)

2018 MLB Topps Baseball Series 1 01/31/2018(三)

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搶先看:2018 Topps Big League Baseball

2018 Topps Big League Baseball is a new, affordable line aimed at bringing the fun of the game to baseball cards. It’s kind of like the vibe of Opening Day only with a standalone design that’s entirely new.

The target of 2018 Topps Big League Baseball may be new and young collectors, but its relatively straightforward approach should appeal to a lot of long-time collectors as well.

2018 Topps Big League Baseball Base Set

At 400 cards, the main part of 2018 Topps Big League Baseball is sizeable but not massive. In addition to the standard rookies and veterans, the base set has a couple of unique subsets. Ballpark Landmarks offers a look at key pieces of MLB stadiums.

Bark in the Park puts pups and canines on cards. Other subsets include All-Time Greats and multi-player Stat Kings.

Parallels come in a few levels, starting with Gold, which are one per pack. Numbered versions include Rainbow Foil (/100), Black and White Image (/50) and one-of-one Red Foil.


2018 Topps Big League Baseball has three basic insert sets. Ministers of Mash, Star Caricature and Players Weekend each have 30 cards.

Autographs are not a focal point and they’re not a guaranteed box hit. But, like Opening Day, they are part of the product. Big League Autographs highlight signatures from veteran and retired players. Rookie Republic Autographs spotlight young players. Both autograph inserts have Gold, Black and White Image (/25) and Red Foil (1/1) versions to go with the base copies.


First Pitch Promotion

Also tied to 2018 Topps Big League Baseball is a contest where three grand prize winners will throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a 2019 MLB game.

While specific details haven’t been announced just yet, the contest is open to kids.

2018 Topps Big League Baseball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 10
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 20
Set size: 400 cards
Release date: TBA (either May or July — awaiting clarification)

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Gold Parallels – 24
• Other Inserts – TBA