2018 NFL Panini Classics 05/23/2018(三)

2018 MLB Topps Tier One 05/23/2018(三)

2017-18 NBA Panini Dominion 05/23/2018(三)

2018 BBM Hiroshima Toyo Carp 廣島東洋鯉魚隊卡 05/19/2018(六)

2018 BBM Yomiuri Giants 讀賣巨人隊卡 05/19/2018(六)

2018 Epoch 中日龍隊-Rookies & Stars新人和球星- 05/19/2018(六)

2018 BBM SUMO Wrestling Cards大相撲-RIKISHI力士- 05/19/2018(六)

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2018 Epoch 歐力士猛牛隊-Rookies & Stars 新人和球星- 05/11/2018(五)

2018 Cryptozoic DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season1 & 2明日傳奇第一、二季影集卡 05/11/2018(五)

2018 NFL Panini Majestic 05/09/2018(三)

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CJ vol.38"Mana Sakura紗倉真菜"-只有你 04/21/2018(六)(抽獎)

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2018 Topps Five Star Baseball brings back the super premium brand with a checklist that’s virtually all on-card autographs (only cut signatures aren’t).

In the days before Transcendent, Definitive and a couple of other ultra-premium lines, Five Star was the top of the Topps baseball portfolio. Although things are different from a price perspective, the quality of the cards themselves are still very much on the super premium side. Each box of 2018 Topps Five Star Baseball has a pair of cards, both of which have autographs.

2018 Topps Five Star Baseball Overview

Things start with Base Autographs. More than 50 players are in the plans for the checklist including veterans, rookies and retired stars. Parallels are available in six levels: Purple (/50 or less), Blue (/25 or less), Green (/15), Gold (/10), Orange (/5) and Red (1/1).

Silver Signings and Golden Graphs both returning, each getting their names for the signatures’ ink colors. Layouts for both are similar, using black as a backdrop to help the autographs pop. Parallels come in Purple (/25), Blue (/20), Green (/15), Gold (/10), Orange (/5), and Red (1/1).

Five Star Signatures all have print runs of 20 or less. Some of the horizontally designed cards also have inscriptions with short notations from the player.

Five Star Dual Autographs come with signatures from a pair of players. These aren’t easy to find though with each numbered to 10 or less.

Career Year Autographs are new to 2018 Topps Five Star Baseball. Numbered to 25 or less, these note the player’s best season as a thematic element. Five Star parallels are one-of-ones.

On the memorabilia front, there are Five Star Autographed Jumbo Patch cards. All are numbered and have a large patch piece along with the on-card autograph. Parallels start with Gold (/25 or less) and Silver Rainbow (/10 or less). These also have four different one-of-one versions: Laundry Tag, Majestic Patch, MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo, and Team Patch.

Cuts come in two forms. Five Star Cut Signatures have autographs from all-time greats. Celebrity Cut Signatures highlight big names from outside the sport. No matter the type, all are one-of-ones.

2018 Topps Five Star Baseball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 2
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 8
Release date: August 29, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 2