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作者: Ysponder    時間: 2013-5-28 11:38     標題: 搶先看:2012 Exquisite Collection Football

Because some sets are worth the wait. Coming this June, Upper Deck invites you to collect 2012 Exquisite Collection Football!

The most valuable Rookie Cards on the market!
Five (5) Autographs in every box!
Includes 1 Rookie Auto Patch and 1 UD Black or UD Black Rookie Lustrous Signature!
Unbelievable patches!

6 cards per box
3 boxes per case

Product Highlights:
NEW! Exquisite Dimensions
NEW! Exquisite Sixteen
NEW! Exquisite Art
Exquisite Choice Duals & Quads
UD Black Rookie Lustrous
Exquisite Book Marks

Delivering 2 autos per case from:
Jerry Rice
John Elway
Dan Marino
Barry Sanders
Aaron Rodgers
Joe Namath
Robert Griffin III
Trent Richardson
Russell Wilson
Ryan Tannehill

Look for rare exchange cards redeemable for the entire 30-card Rookie Autographed Patch Set!

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