2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 06/26/2019(三)

2019 MLB Topps Stadium Club 06/26/2019(三)

2019 NFL Panini Elite 06/26/2019(三)

2018-19 Panini Immaculate Soccer 06/26/2019(三)

2019 Upper Deck 電影卡007情報員詹姆士龐德 06/26/2019(三)

2019 BBM Orix Buffaloes歐力士猛牛隊卡 06/22/2019(六)

2019 Epoch 東京養樂多燕子隊卡-Rookies & Stars新人和球星- 06/22/2019(六)

2019 MLB Topps Museum 06/19/2019(三)

2019 Epoch 北海道日本火腿鬥士隊 Rookies & Stars新人和球星 06/15/2019(六)

2019 BBM Hanshin Tigers 阪神虎隊卡 06/15/2019(六)

2019 Epoch 中日龍隊卡-Rookies & Stars 新人和球星-06/15/2019(六)

2018-19 NBA Panini Noir 06/12/2019(三)

2019 MLB Topps Series 2 06/12/2019(三)

2019 NFL Panini Luminance 06/07/2019(五)

2019 MLB Topps Finest 06/05/2019(三)

2018-19 Topps UEFA Champions League Museum Collection 06/05/2019(三)

2018-19 NHL Upper Deck SP Authentic 06/05/2019(三)

2019 BBM 埼玉西武獅隊卡 05/31/2019(五)

2019 MLB Topps Definitive Collection 05/29/2019(三)

2019 Panini Leather Lumber Baseball 05/29/2019(三)

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搶先看:2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania

2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania takes a different approach compared to most other wrestling card sets. Whereas other lines are primarily centered around the wrestlers themselves, Road to WrestleMania is more like a non-sport set in that it focuses on story recaps.

At least that’s how it is for the main part of the checklist. Inserts include a lot of familiar elements including autographs and memorabilia cards. 2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania hobby box have a pair of premium inserts, at least one of which is an autograph.

2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania Base Set Basics

The base set comes in at 100 cards. It’s a recap of big moments, matches and storylines from 2018. Cards center on male wrestlers from Raw, Smackdown and 205 Live.

The Women’s Division and NXT have their own standalone releases outside of Road to WrestleMania that are story-centric.
Parallels come in several colors. Bronze are the most common, falling every other pack. Others include Blue (/99), hobby-only Silver (/25), Gold (/10), Printing Plates (1/1) and Red (1/1).

Autographs, Memorabilia Cards and Other Inserts

Every pack of 2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania has a pair of inserts.

Roster Cards return for another years. These highlight those who appeared at 2018’s WrestleMania 34.

The product also has the first batch of Ronda Rousey Spotlight inserts. Similar to recent tribute sets from the past couple of years, cards will be spread across four sets throughout 2019. The initial ten are in Road to WrestleMania. This first part focuses on the early part of her pro wrestling career.

Autographs are at least one per hobby box. Most WWE sets have signed cards that are a lot like the product’s base cards. Because of Road to WrestleMania’s different approach in the main set, autographs get a totally different design.

Both male and female wrestlers are on the checklist. Along with base versions are Bronze (/50), hobby-exclusive Silver (/25), Gold (/10), Printing Plate (1/1) and Red (1/1) parallels.

Dual Autographs are also randomly inserted. These are hard to find with just ten copies each.

Memorabilia cards come in a couple of familiar forms, shirt relics and mat relics. Shirt relics have clothing worn by the featured superstar. Mat relics come from WrestleMania 34 and NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

All relics have five parallels: Bronze (/99), Blue (/50), Silver (/25), Gold (/10) and Red (1/1). Autograph versions (/10) are available for select cards.

Kiss Cards are back with regular and autographed versions. These have actual lip prints from Women’s Division stars. Both have Gold (/10) and Red (1/1) parallels. Unsigned cards also have Silver (/25) versions.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Commemorative Trophy cards are the product’s manufactured relics. These have similar parallel levels as shirt and mat relics. Select cards also have autographs (/10).

2019 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania at a glance:

Cards per pack: 7
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 8
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: January 9, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 1
• Additional Autographs, Memorabilia Cards or Commemorative Relics – 1
• Inserts – 48
• Bronze Parallels – 12