2017-18 NBA Panini Opulence 09/21/2018(五)

2018 NFL Panini XR 09/19/2018(三)

2018 Topps UFC Chrome 09/19/2018(三)

2017-18 NHL Upper Deck Splendor 09/19/2018(三)

2018 Upper Deck Aliens 異形電影卡 09/19/2018(三)

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 09/17/2018(一)

2018 MLB Topps Heritage High Number 09/14/2018(五)

2018 MLB Topps Bowman High Tek 09/12/2018(三)

2018 NFL Panini Spectra 09/12/2018(三)

2018 Topps Star Wars Masterwork 09/12/2018(三)

2018 Epoch 日本職棒太平洋聯盟新人套卡 09/07/2018(五)

2018 Epoch 歐力士猛牛隊-Stars & Legends 球星和傳奇- 09/07/2018(五)

2018 MLB Topps Luminaries 09/07/2018(五)

2017-18 NBA Panini Vanguard 09/07/2018(五)

2018 NFL Panini Absolute 09/07/2018(五)

2018 Futera World Football Unique 09/05/2018(三)

BBM 2018 福岡軟體銀行鷹80周年套卡 09/01/2018(六)

BBM 2018 阪神虎高價版套卡-Marvelous不凡- 09/01/2018(六)

2018 MLB Topps Fire 08/29/2018(三)

2018 MLB Topps Diamond Icons 08/29/2018(三)

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搶先看:2017-18 Upper Deck ICE Hockey

Spring might be right around the corner, but there’s still a lot of 2017-18 Upper Deck ICE out there for everyone to pick up April 25th at your local hobby shop.  Headlining this year’s ICE are the Ice Premiere Rookie Cards and Auto Patch Rookies numbered as low as 10.  These will be some of the biggest Rookie Cards of the year for many of these top-notch rookies like Brock Boeser, Nico Hischier and Clayton Keller to name a few.  Back again are the Sub Zero cards including, RARE Rookie Variations along with Black and Gold parallels numbered as low as 1-of-1!  Find Ice Premiere Autographs and all-new Ice Premieres Jersey cards ratio’d throughout the product.   We’ve also brought back some of your favorite inserts . . . Rinkside Signings, Rookie Relic Jumbos, Superb Scripts, Signature Swatches, Frozen Foursomes and Glacial Graphs all with autographs or memorabilia swatches.  The second installment of 2017-18 Exquisite Collection arrives with Rookie Signatures and Material Signatures, along with out Tribute cards featuring the iconic 2007-08 & 2008-09 designs.  Release date is two weeks away, you don’t want to miss out!