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搶先看:2019 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Mega Box

美國Target通路獨有,平均每3包可以得到2張的Pink Refractors粉亮折射平行卡。100張基本卡以2019 Topps Update series鉻版為特色。除了現役球星和新人之外,還有All-Star Game 全明星賽和新人初登場。

(去年同系列並沒有Purple, Blue, Green and Orange Refractors)、Basic Refractors基本折射卡1:74包,其他包括Pink粉亮, X-Fractors X (1:93), Blue Refractors藍亮 (1:123), Green Refractors綠亮 (1:186), Gold Refractors金亮 (1:367), Orange Refractors橘亮 (1:734), Red Refractors紅亮 (1:3,666)one-of-one Superfractors 超級亮(1:18,777),同時可以有機會得到Printing Plates (1:4,576)

1:40包,比折射卡容易得到。簽名卡同時有X-Fractors X(1:292), Gold Refractors金亮 (1:715), Orange Refractors 橘亮(1:1,404), Red Refractors紅亮 (1:7,120) Superfractors超級亮 (1:49,840).

150 Years of Professional Baseball 150周年棒球卡和The Family Business家族企業卡,大概都是1:4 包的比例,簽名版約1:49,840

2019 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball cards are back. And once again, they’re exclusive to Target. Like 2018, the set has a couple of configurations. First up are seven-pack Mega Boxes. Hanger packs are base as well, offering three packs plus a pair of exclusive Pink Refractors.

2019 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Overview

The base set checklist has 100 cards. They’re essestially chromium versions of 2019 Topps Update Series Baseball. In additional to veteran and rookies, there are All-Star Game and Rookie Debut subsets.

As with all things Topps Chrome, Refractors are in the mix as well. In fact, there are even more than last year. Basic Refractors are relatively tough, landing 1:74 packs. Others include Pink (two per hanger pack), X-Fractors (1:93), Blue Refractors (1:123), Green Refractors (1:186), Gold Refractors (1:367), Orange Refractors (1:734), Red Refractors (1:3,666) and one-of-one Superfractors (1:18,777). Printing Plates (1:4,576) can also be found.

Purple, Blue, Green and Orange Refractors were not in 2018 Topps Chrome Update.

Landing 1:40 packs, autographs are actually easier to pull than Refractors. These also have X-Fractors (1:292), Gold Refractors (1:715), Orange Refractors (1:1,404), Red Refractors (1:7,120) and Superfractors (1:49,840).

Two additional insert sets make the jump over, 150 Years of Professional Baseball and The Family Business. Both are 1:4 packs for the basic versions and 1:49,840 for autographs.

2019 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Mega Box – 4, Hanger Pack – 14 (three packs plus two Pink Refractors)
Packs per box: Mega Box – 7
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: October, 2019

2019 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Checklist